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About the necklace: 

This particular necklace was hand-carved and purchased in Panajachel, Guatemala.


Jadeite is a rare gem material:

This jade was prevalent in the ancient Mesoamerican culture, however, its sources were lost for five centuries. The Spanish conquistadores did not value jade and the Mayan people kept the location of their mines a secret to protect them from the invaders. Over time, the location of the ancient mines and quarries became forgotten. They were rediscovered less than 50 years ago.


Jade is formed deep in the earth’s crust and is pushed up under very high pressure and low-temperature conditions. There is no underground mining of Guatemalan jade and the hunt for jade is arduous. Jade boulders are hard to identify because their surface is covered with a rind similar to the bark of a tree. Distinguishing jade in the field is done by pounding the rocks with a 10-pound sledgehammer. A unique ringing sound identifies the jade.


In the Mayan world, jade was revered- held in the highest esteem. It was rare and valuable. It represented eternity. They buried their kings adorned with jade masks and pectorals, considering jade the ultimate passport to the afterlife.





Handcrafted Guatemalan Jadeite Necklace

    • Handmade item
    • Necklace length: *** Inches
    • Gemstone: Jade
    • Closure: Twist
    • Chain style: Beaded
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