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We found a way to combine our passion for artisan craft with our love of unique, one of a kind home decor items, and now can share it with you.


Kristina Dillard, like most inner-city children, did not grow up hiking trails or swimming in lakes. It was her short residency in St. Louis, Missouri, where Kristina's fascination with the beauty of the outdoors, specifically trees, began.

Sub Urban Design was created through the belief that aged items, much like people, maintain their value. We restore the beauty and function of discarded pieces and hope customers display them in their homes for years to come. 

Kristina now lives in Woodstock, Illinois with her husband Nick and two dogs, Robbie and Macallan (aka Mc D's).  Sub Urban Design is operated in partnership with Maritza Alvarado, her best friend of 20+ years.


We invite you to enjoy the beautiful crafts in our shop.


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