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Sub Urban Design brings new life to vintage/antique wood and décor through cosmetic restoration.


Restoring the Charm

Sub Urban Design loves a great story! We scout antique historical items, wood slabs with history and vintage furniture. Sub Urban Design restores them for clients seeking sustainable, aesthetic and versatile pieces for their home. Each item has been hand selected and painstakingly crafted by Sub Urban Design. Our products are favored by clients with a discerning eye for the rich textures and distinct beauty found only in reclaimed wood. Featured in traditional, contemporary and rustic homes- our products are sure to flaunt charm and character.

Lazy Susan (1).jpg



Sub Urban Design offers a variety of custom products from refurbished vintage furniture to hand crafted home decor from artisans around the world. We pride ourselves in restoring the beauty and function of discarded items into a treasured piece that customers take pride in displaying in their homes for years to come.



People maintain their value as they age- broken, imperfect, or not. Sub Urban Design believes the same is true for well-crafted antiques. There is no greater joy than stripping the layers of paint, sanding and ultimately exposing the grain of original wood and polishing it back to life. Sub Urban Design is committed to creating a world where we learn to identify tangible value in everyday items and by extension, everyday people.

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Comission Sub Urban Design to Make Your House a Home.

Interested in a Custom Piece?

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